Form Guide Key
Home team listed first - form column indicates last 6 matches.
'ASAP Margin', 'Predcitor %', and 'Future Spread' are computerised future calculations based on the 'ASAP Power Rankings'
ASAP Power Rankings
What is the 'Power Ranking' ?
After each game teams and players record a computerised rating based on the scoring mechanism of the sport. Factors which go towards the rating include points differential, ground percentages (home/away), night/day percentages, and injury adjustments.
This rating is combined with all the other season ratings to produce an average index weighted to more recent games (the Power Ranking).
How do the 'Power Rankings' work ?
The Power Rankings indicate to the punter the likely difference in performance quality between one team/player and another.
For example:If the Crusaders are rated 36 and the Hurricanes are rated 26, it means the Crusaders should beat Hurricanes by 10 points tomorrow before the addition of home advantage etc.
What is the benefit to sports bettors ?
The great thing for sports bettors is that you can identify which teams are performing best regardless of their position on the points table and thereby also identify value. The 'Power Rankings' drive the calculation of the 'future margin' displayed on the form guides, along with the likely '% chance' of both teams, and the likely 'margin spread'.